Alex started his farming journey 6 summers ago here on the North Shore.  Farming was never originally the "plan" until a much needed respite from city life and the desire to work with his hands brought him back home.  Canaan Farm in Wenham, MA offered him up his first job as a field hand and from then on he knew this was his life's work. A career that was both educational and community based was truly inspirational.  It was not long before Alex discovered the wealth of talented young organic veggie farmers that surrounded him. Alex spent the following years working at small farms in the area including, Plough in the Stars Farm, Cedar Rock Gardens, and Alprilla Farm.

Being part of such a strong local farm community has brought Alex closer to the place where he grew up and has opened his eyes to the potential of a thriving local foods community.  Eventually Alex decided to take a bigger role in this community by starting his own farm. Through Iron Ox he hopes to provide the most perfectly grown organic produce through diligence, hard work, and passion.  Luckily he has a mass of highschool buddies, restaurant folk, and family that volunteer regularly. In addition an endless amount of praise to the farmers who taught him everything he knows. Alex humbly thanks all of these people for their presence in his life.

Other than farming you can find Alex with his skateboard or at Good Harbor Beach surfing with his dog Clifford.



If you ask Stacey she might not tell you she’s a farmer.  The past 5 or so years she’s been spending most of her free time helping out at the farm.  Summer 2019 will be her first year as a full time farmer.

Before farming Stacey was a chef and cooked professionally for 7 years.  Her path as a cook began while living in Boston when she landed her first job at Craigie on Main in Cambridge. When her and Alex decided to leave the city she started working summers at The Market Restaurant at Lobster Cove in Annisquam with Nico and Amelia Monday.  Luckily Nico and Amelia decided to open another restaurant that would be open year round….enter Short and Main. Stacey dedicated over 5 years working at Short and Main. It was here that she learned how important the tie between farm and food actually was. The menu at both of these restaurants was fluid and adjusted to what was ordered directly that week from the local farms. It was at this time that Alex was working at these exact farms.  There was a sense of excitement and deep connection when Stacey and Alex would talk veggies and menu planning!

 Stacey still loves to cook and plans to spend more time creating dinners and meals at the farm.  She is also a devoted yogi and teaches yoga regularly at Cape Ann Power Yoga. Stacey is inspired everyday by the talent of the farmers who are her friends.  She is also so thankful to be loved so generously by her family, especially her big sister Lindsey and her pup Clifford.