The farm

   Iron Ox Farm was established on the North Shore in 2017.  The farm began as a small 1 acre plot in west Gloucester overlooking the beautiful salt marsh.  In 2018 the farm relocated to a more permanent spot with more space in Topsfield. The new location is situated at the Nutter Farm on Ipswich Rd.  The Nutter Farm is a 20 acre family run christmas tree farm that has been in operation for over 50 years. The Nutter family collectively decided to look toward the future and offer up some of their land to a small organic vegetable farm.  They have also taken the initiative to keep the farm under a conservation restriction through Greenbelt in order to preserve the space as open and farmable land. Through the local farming community Iron Ox Farm got in touch with the Nutter Farm and now leases 2.5 acres of land.

Currently we are actively growing on 1.5 acres while the other acre is planted to a cover crop to help rebuild the soil.  As new farmers on land that has been mostly hayed and grazed by horses we are putting an emphasis on soil regeneration. Our farming practices include a long term plan to enrich the environment around us. We do this by adding compost to our soil and planting cover crops like rye, vetch, oats, and peas. We also consistently aim to balance the minerals in our soil which in turn boosts the minerals and nutrients in our veggies.

    Although we are not currently certified organic, we use all organic practices and strive to go beyond the organic standards.  We absolutely never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We do not use gmo seeds and try often to incorporate heirloom and heritage seeds into our wide range of crops.  Above these basic organic standards our mission is to grow holistically, meaning we grow for ourselves and for the earth.

      We distribute our veggies in a number of ways! We have a CSA that receives a weekly share of veggies for 20 weeks in the summertime.  We also sell our produce at the Cape Ann Farmers Market in Gloucester every Thursday 3-6:30pm. Check out our pages on both of these topics at the top of the site! We also wholesale our veggies to many local restaurants and food businesses...check out friends of the farm page!

     Iron Ox Farm is a young, creative and passionate team of farmers.  We are endlessly committed to what we do and how it affects those around us and the future of our planet.  We work, read and plan so we can grow nutrient dense and delicious vegetables that will feed our community.  We love veggies and food so please feel free to reach out and ask questions or come visit sometime soon!

Alex and Stacey